ESPN’s Mike Patrick Is Really Starting To Worry Us

Remember when TV play-by-play announcer Mike Patrick went off the rails three months ago, flubbing a crucial play during an ESPN college football broadcast because he was talking on-air about Britney Spears? Well AWFUL ANNOUNCING reports that he was back on Britney’s (ever-expanding) bandwagon (and Jamie Lynn’s!) Thursday night during something called the Champs Sports Bowl on ESPN.

Mike Patrick Britney Spears

Patrick’s on-air partner Todd Blackledge: “Do you have Britney Spears on your I-Pod too?”
Patrick: “No….No…..Fortunately……………She may have lent out the Double Wide. To another family member (giggles uncontrollably)

Mike Patrick ESPN Announcer Smirnoff Aficionado

Are we the only ones out there who have always wondered why ESPN hands plum PBP assignments to Patrick? I suppose we shouldn’t get greedy, though. Patrick’s previous partner, Joe Theismann, is off the air. And another on-air acquaintance, Paul Maguire, is banished to backup college games on ESPN. So we won’t push our luck, and MP seems harmless enough, usually getting the score and down-and-distance right. Usually.

As an urelated cheap shot aside, we recently had someone in front of us in the cashier’s checkout line at a Mississippi truck stop (don’t ask) buy five cartons of cigarettes . Before that frightful experience, Mike Patrick was the only person we could’ve imagined initiating such a transaction.