ESPN’s Dr. Lou Segment Has Got To Go — Now

Really, it’s nothing about Lou Holtz himself. I can put up with the spittle flying during live broadcasts. I enjoy the old stories. They’ve got Mark May at his side to mock to rampant Notre Dame and South Carolina homerism.

He’s in a controlled environment so nothing too bad can happen. Except there’s this new “Dr. Lou” segment. After the a cappella intro I keep expecting Barry White or someone cool to show up but it’s just Lou Holtz. Apparently ESPN was embarrassed by the blog-wide mocking of Holtz’s “pep talks” last year, but those put this new segment to shame.

Video of Dr. Lou’s debut is after the jump.

There are no magic tricks. No wearing of New York Knicks uniforms. Nothing. Just Holtz with a notepad is a psychiatrist’s office giving abbreviated pep talks instead of actual psychoanalysis.

Forgiving all that, the segment is plain boring. The sad part is ESPN paid someone to sing the intro track whereas last year’s pep talks were a simple and gratis toss to their football field-looking set.

Was it worth it? I think not.

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