ESPN’s Biggest Loser: Berman, Golic Or Gottlieb?

If you watch cable television for more than three seconds a decade, you’ve seen the (unintentionally) uproarious Nutri-System ads featuring Chris Berman and Mike Golic (Pot Roast!!) that apparently target those in the market for immediate organ donation.

Doug Gottlieb P90X Chris Berman Mike Golic

(Dude has some stones to post these)

While worthless weight loss aids, the spots do present a compelling case study for the remarkable advancement of TV optics slimming technology, liberal Photoshop application and unforgiving abdominal binders.

Today I’m happy to report that thanks to an eagle-eyed reader, I’ve discovered another ESPN personality hawking a diet plan! This time, ESPN college basketball analyst and radio host Doug Gottlieb is weighing in with something called P90X. (Either that or he’s promoting a captcha code.)

Doug Gottlieb P90X Chris Berman Mike Golic

(Gottlieb should know by now he doesn’t need that to get ripped)

Unfortunately though, it appears Gottlieb has taken all the fun out of following faux fat loss products. From his photos, P90X might actually work. (Or else T.J. Quinn recently subpoenaed Gottlieb’s phone records for an upcoming OTL episode.)

Okay, maybe the comparison between the two parties is unfair when it comes to the veracity of their respective claims.

Berman wasn’t an athlete and Golic strapped on a jock for the Eagles, while Gottlieb played sports. But seeing Gottlieb ripped harder than Jose Canseco’s last literary work while being forced to endure Berman’s (burnt?) clown hair in Applebee’s ads every quarter hour has me leaning to Doug.

Also gotta give Gottlieb props for having the stones to put those photos up on the web, knowing the obligatory snark attacks from blog-infested waters soon to surface.

Then how ’bout a shirtless showdown between Gottlieb, Golic and Rex Ryan Berman?

Unfortunately the latter pair cannot be availed as they’re agents inform me both are under heavy consideration for a certain, spectacular Mark Cuban production.