Lands Columnist Ian O’Connor

UPDATE (3:07p ET): Ian O’Connor confirmed to me he’ll be joining ESPNNewyorkcom: “Yes, I’m going to ESPN NY as a columnist and radio contributor. Thrilled about the opportunity. Sad to be leaving America’s greatest newspaper family, the Borgs of The Record [N.J.], who prove every day that profitable, intelligent and caring newspapering is alive and well.

Nice get by the soon-to-launch today, as I’ve confirmed through a source that prominent BERGEN RECORD columnist and author Ian O’Connor has joined the editorial staff.

Ian O'Connor Joins

O’Connor also makes appearances on ESPN 1050 in New York.

So when is the launch?

Eric Fisher of SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL reported earlier this week that former NEW YORK DAILY NEWS managing sports editor Leon Carter will run editorial and the site will likely go live the first week of April. (O’Connor also previously worked at the Daily News.)

I have a message in to O’Connor for comment about his new position. (If you haven’t checked out his book Arnie & Jack, you should.)