Le Batard Sides With Fox On ESPN Story Boycott

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Jay Glazer’s report on Fox-TV about Brett Favre providing tips on the Packers to the Lions early this season. Since the report came out, there’s been lotsa discussion about it’s veracity. (Favre has denied it.)

Dan Le Batard Jay Glazer

And now Mike Florio at PRO FOOTBALL TALK is reporting that ESPN is not allowing on-air staffers to report the story - claiming that the tip by Glazer isn’t true. (Bristol also recently released a statement on why the net isn’t covering it.)

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Well that, as you might expect, didn’t sit well with Glazer. So he went on ESPNer Dan Le Batard’s radio show in Miami (on 790 The Ticket) to address the situation.

Glazer during the interview was passionate in defending the story and his credibility. He also noted that Detroit Coach Rod Marinelli refuses to deny the report. More interesting though was the reaction to the story - and ESPN’s subsequent embargo - by PTI fill-in host Le Batard.

Before Glazer came on the show, Le Batard weighed why ESPN wasn’t reporting the story, saying, “ESPN is ignoring the story entirely. It’s not their story. Their guy didn’t make that story. Or they haven’t been able to confirm it. Or maybe the story is wrong.

While talking to Glazer, Le Batard said, “I would think what ESPN is doing there is prideful. You know how this stuff works, you get beat on a story and then you don’t want to acknowledge that the story exists. 

And after the interview, Le Batard remarked, “I’m siding with Jay on this one.

Clearly, Le Batard believes the story and surprised ESPN is not reporting it.

That’s what makes Le Batard the #1 sports radio listen in the land. Yeah, like everyone, he has agendas, but he’s one of the few in the main media willing to face up to the Dragon, sword in hand. As I’ve said before, how he’s able to maintain the good graces of Bristol in these sorts of situations is beyond me. And I’m glad for it, since it gives me something to listen to every day.

What does this also tell us about being a sports fan? That if you aren’t on the internet, you aren’t getting the full story on anything. Not to mention the latest breaking news.

Nothing against TV and radio, but doesn’t it seem like juicier stories are breaking on the web much more frequently? If that wasn’t the case, why does every sports media member I know sit on sites like PFT, SbB, DSpin, etc., refreshing all damn day?