ESPN-employed Ombudsman (watchdog) George Sol…

ESPN-employed Ombudsman (watchdog) George Solomon noted (with the rest of us) that the ESPY Awards "generally went off well, at least until [host Lance] Armstrong’s ill-fated anal-sex remark to ‘Brokeback Mountain’ star Jake Gyllenhaal."

Armstrong said to Gyllenhaal: "Jake, why are sitting in the front, I thought you liked it in the rear!" (3:13)


ESPN Executive Editor John Walsh, astoundingly, thought the remark was A-OK!: "We asked ourselves would this be offensive to gay people, and the answer was no. No one felt strongly enough to take out a line that was a joke between two good friends."

Solomon: "I received a number of e-mails from viewers who disagreed with Walsh, including some from parents uncomfortable that their children heard the joke and several other off-color remarks from Armstrong."


dialed up a day-night doubleheader on Thursday in the City of Angels.

I co-hosted KSPN-AM’s "Big Show" with L.A. TV personality John Ireland from 1-4pm, and then adjourned to Santa Monica to emcee SbB Gig #103 on a *rough and tumble* night at The Bitter Redhead sports bar.

During the radio show, John and I discussed the playoff chances of the Angels, the recent Dodger deals, Kobe Bryant’s uncertain fate in Colorado and the prospect of Ricky Williams joining the Raiders. Ol’ skool SbB Girls Erika, Colene and Kim also joined me at the KSPN studios, and showed off their mad on-air sKillz as well. You can also now find photos of the SbB Girls on KSPN’s official website.
Later that evening, SbB Girls Erika, Charity and Fay steered the SbB ship into the darkness as we initiated SbB Gig #103 at TBR in SaMo.

Once again, fan favorite Nick Mitchell outlasted a feisty field of SbB veterans and rookies to claim the SbB Championship.

With the win, he took home NCAA Football 2005 from EA Sports. We also handed out EA Sports’ Fantasy Football Handbook in a general drawing, not to mention a coveted lava lamp!

Special thanks EA Sports, Best Buy, Stella Artois, Pepsi and Apple Computer’s iPod.

Also thanks to everyone at KSPN-AM in Los Angeles, SbB’rs Bratt, USFL Fan, etyer and Craig and Leean at The Bitter Redhead sports bar in Santa Monica, CA.