ESPN.Com More Interesting Than Special Ed Sex is one of the biggest-read non-porn websites on the Internet. Everyone from butchers to bakers to candlestick makers checks out the Worldwide Leader’s pages on the World Wide Web. Why, even school employees working with special needs students like to browse through it. traffic now trails

However, supervising special ed teens may not be the best time to go sports web surfing. It may distract you from your duties, and the kids could get into some mischief. What kind of mischief, you may ask? How about engaging in sex acts behind a classroom bookshelf?

DEADSPIN tips us off to a ribald report from the NAPLES (FL) DAILY NEWS that a Lee County educational support employee is in trouble over the tryst that happened during his watch. Back in December, Thomas McCoy was supervising four students in a classroom at Royal Palm Exceptional Center, a Fort Myers school for students with behavioral problems & learning disabilities.

Apparently the kids were acting up, so McCoy took a break and decided to do a little websurfing.

McCoy was having trouble controlling those students, and that at some point a 17-year-old boy and 15-year-old girl went behind a bookshelf while McCoy was on a computer.

Another school employee walking past the room, Virginia Newsome, reported that she saw the students through the window as the girl was performing a sex act on the boy. Both students are identified only by their first and last initials in the report.

According to records on the incident, Newsome went into the room to inform McCoy, who was on a computer with his back to the students. The record states that the computer McCoy was using was later analyzed, and records of the computer’s internet activity showed he was visiting the sports news Web site and links associated with the site at the time of the incident.

Perhaps Thomas was mesmerized by all the pretty rainbows & unicorns on’s screen after he typed in the Konami code.

McCoy was suspended in January with pay, and a special school board meeting is being held this Tuesday to determine if McCoy should be fired. Seems a bit harsh? But he was forewarned that something like this could happen:

Materials for Tuesday’s meeting state that McCoy received an e-mail one month before the incident asking him to closely supervise the 15-year-old girl because “There seem to be a few issues where she is concerned with the boys,” and stating she needs “visual supervision” at all times.

As such, the district charged McCoy with inadequate supervision resulting in inappropriate behavior between two students; failing to uphold the primary concern of an educator, which should be the development of a student’s potential; sustaining the highest degree of ethical conduct; and failing to make a reasonable effort to protect students from conditions harmful to learning.

Wow – all that just to read Bill Simmons?

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