ESPN Wonders If Barry Bonds Is Boycotting Its Televised Games

ESPNERS WONDER IF BONDS IS BOYCOTTING THEIR GAMES: John Ryan of the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS reports that Barry Bonds has not played in the three games in which the Giants have appeared on ESPN this season, leading some to wonder if he is “boycotting the Worldwide Leader.” (Bonds also sat out the ESPN-televised Home Run Derby last week)

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After Bonds ducked out of the Giants-Cubs game on ESPN Monday, “Baseball Tonight” host Karl Ravech and analyst John Kruk had this convo:

Ravech: “Barry said yesterday, `I don’t need a day off.’ This is, I believe, Game 3 in a row that the ESPN cameras have been there and he hasn’t played. I can’t believe there’s any connection. That wouldn’t be right to the team.

Kruk: “You would hope not.

Ravech: “There’s no way.

Kruk: “You would hope he doesn’t dislike us that much that he would sit out games.

Barry Bonds Needles Costume

Why would Bonds dislike ESPN? Perhaps he was watching SportsCenter Monday when anchor Steve Levy, upon seeing Bonds behind a chain-link fence, remarked “There’s a behind-bars joke there somewhere“.

The comment was later edited out of the broadcast for morning replays.