ESPN: USC Will Receive NCAA Findings Tomorrow

Citing an unnamed source, Dana O’Neil of reports today that the NCAA committee on infractions will release its findings from its four-year investigation of the USC football program and basketball programs on Friday.

Colin Cowherd

Interestingly though, another ESPN on-air personality today announced to a national audience that the school will be informed of the findings well before the public.

On his nationally syndicated ESPN Radio show, Colin Cowherd said today:

“USC will find out tomorrow their fate. USC has been told, and I’ve been told by a source, that USC will be given two days, 48 hours notice, damage control preparation. USC will know tomorrow.

“Word will start leaking out once USC knows. That’s the way it is because here’s the way it’ll happen: You got too many players, too many coaches, too many recruits, too many boosters.

They will find out, somebody will talk. It’ll get out, that thing will spread like wildfire in 90 seconds. When it comes out Wednesday, tomorrow, it’ll be all over the place. Fast! L.A.’s a gossip town to begin with (laughs), okay?

While the O’Neil report was listed as a top news story on earlier this morning, there’s no mention of Cowherd’s report on the website, ESPN television or on ESPN Radio sports updates.

Also, the highlights of Cowherd’s show are recounted on his ESPN Radio homepage, but there’s no mention of his exclusive USC revelation.

I don’t doubt the veracity of Cowherd’s report, but it isn’t unreasonable to be perplexed as to why ESPN isn’t promoting the radio host’s USC revelation - especially considering his reach into Southern California on the USC football and basketball radio broadcast flagship - KSPN-AM.

If ESPN trusts Cowherd to do a national radio show which is heard on the USC station in Los Angeles, why isn’t it reporting the breaking news he provided his listeners today? If you heard Cowherd’s report this morning on 710 am in Los Angeles, isn’t it kinda strange that you would not be able to find any followup on ESPN’s other platforms later in the day?

Perhaps it’s just a disconnect between ESPN editorial and ESPN Radio. Otherwise, why wouldn’t ESPN be trumpeting Cowherd breaking the biggest sports news story of the day?