ESPN To Unveil Its Own Walk Of Fame In Bristol

Big news today, as ESPN announces that as part of its 30th anniversary, it will honor long-time employees with a Walk of Fame at their Bristol campus. Just slightly less prestigious than the one in Hollywood, this Walk of Fame will feature a freshman class of 43 staffers, all of whom have been with the network since its first year. Except for that poor guy who Berman screamed at that time; he’s living in the jungle in the Philippines.

We wonder, will new ESPN employees be hazed for stepping on Bob Ley’s star? Who will clean the spit and vegetable matter from Dick Vitale’s? And what other commemorative attraction ideas were considered before the Walk of Fame was approved? Top rejected ESPN 30th anniversary ideas:

  • Bike Rack of Regret
  • Drinking Fountain of Youth
  • Hall of Combovers
  • Harold Reynolds Tunnel of Hugs
  • Run Through the Sprinklers With George Bodenheimer
  • Cell Phone Photo Show & Tell
  • Advertising Turf War Veterans Memorial
  • Chris Berman — The Ride


September 7 marks ESPN’s 30th anniversary, and a special 90-minute edition of “SportsCenter” will air at 11:30pm ET on Sunday, September 6, to commemorate the occasion. Bob Ley and Chris Berman, who each joined ESPN within the first month it was on the air, will anchor the show along with John Saunders, who joined the net in ’86. The episode will include the usual highlights of the day, but will also have features reflecting on the three decades.

And don’t forget to visit the ESPN gift shop, where ombudsman Don Ohlmeyer will be happy to answer any questions.