ESPN Thinks Byron Leftwich is OJ Simpson

ESPN THINKS LEFTWICH AND O.J. ARE THE SAME PERSON: Does ESPN think that all African-American NFL players - both past & present - look alike?

OJ Leftwich

CONSTRUDA presents this fun find from Tuesday night’s SportsCenter. The chyron at the bottom of the screen tells of Byron Leftwich signing with the Falcons. But if you look closely at the headshot, it isn’t the ex-Jax Jaguar at all:

OJ chyron closeup

It’s Orenthal James Simpson.

OJ’s Vegas adventure was the previous story, and it appears someone got a bit careless or lazy in the Bristol graphics department.

It’s bad enough Leftwich has to fill the shoes of Michael Vick - he doesn’t need to be compared to another criminal.

After about 10-12 seconds, the mistake was finally caught, as Byron’s mug was correctly displayed soon after:

Leftwich mug replace

And he doesn’t look too happy about the mix-up, either.