Danica Patrick To Appear In ESPN The Body Issue

Well ESPN’s “The Body” issue is right around the corner - due to hit newsstands on Oct. 9. And I’m pleased to confirm that Danica Patrick will indeed appear in the issue.

Danica Patrick Tissot LARGE

(I didn’t scuttle it, which is why she’s in the same issue talking about it)

One small detail though: she won’t be posing nude. Or semi-nude. Or at all.

A source tells me today that she does a mini-interview in the Oct. 9 issue that’ll run “in the regular motorsports section and not as a part of the Bodies theme.

I was also told in that brief Q & A, she does address the prospect of undressing for ESPN mag photographers.

My source said that during the interview, “she said fans have asked her about it, but that ESPN never contacted her.”

Patrick though didn’t say that her public relations firm or marketing reps were contacted. But let’s not split hairs anymore about that.

Based on Patrick’s longtime willingness to pose in varying states of undress and being told by two ESPN sources it was a virtual certainty she would appear in the issue, I can’t say I’m not surprised at what happened.

Perhaps it’s self-indulgent of me to suggest that my report on the subject blew the whole thing up before ESPN could consumate the deal. Or maybe I’m nuts to think I had any effect whatsoever on anything. Which is why of course, out of the clear blue sky, she’ll be addressing the subject in the same issue.

Yep, had nothing to do with it. Zippo.

My guess is that I did indeed scuttle her appearance, and if that’s the case, I’d like to apologize to ESPN The Mag editorial and all of you who would’ve liked to have seen an undressed Danica. If I’d hedged a scintilla instead of blaring the certainty of her appearance, perhaps things might’ve been different.

So next time I see you, feel free to hit me up for a round or three.