Hill Wanted Imus’ Head; Gets Pitchforked Herself

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY notes today that Jemele Hill was suspended by ESPN for the ignorant, childlike Hitler-as-the-Celtics comparison that she made in a recent ESPN.com piece.

Jemele Hill ESPN

Statement: “She’s been relieved of her responsibilities for a period of time to reflect on the impact of her words. Within hours of its posting on Saturday evening, the inappropriate references were removed from the site, but our system of checks and balances failed Jemele and our readers and we are addressing that as well.”

It is interesting to note that apparently the editor of the piece (see “checks and balances”) was not disciplined. At least that we know of.

Hill in a carefully-worded statement responded via the ESPN press release: “”I showed very poor judgment in the words that I used. I pride myself on an understanding of, and appreciation for, diversity — and there is no excuse for the appalling lack of sensitivity in my comments.”

At least she didnt pull the, “I’m sorry people were offended” fake apology card.

I, like most of you, don’t read Jemele Hill’s stuff, so this isn’t a big story to me. From ESPN’s perspective, I would think it would be just as important to discipline the editor of Hill’s piece as Hill herself. We’ll see if anything comes out about that in the future. Probably not.

Also, Jessica Heslam this morning in the BOSTON HERALD has a deliciously ironic observation about Hill, noting in an April ‘07 column she “called for radio host Don Imus to get cashiered after his comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.