ESPN sucks Ditka for President

• 100% INJURY RATE runs down the list of ways ESPN has thrown their journalism integrity out the window: traffic now trails

• DIME MAGAZINE reports that the Lakers hope the answer to a calmer Kobe is Grant Hill.

• We Like Mike: BLEACHER REPORT hits the podium and nominates Ditka for President:

Ditka for President

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY hopes not to get on Les Miles’ list, as the LSU coach lambasts USC, The Pac-10, The Big 12, and a little girl.

• The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS gives a tip of the hat to the NBA Draft Day haberdasher:

3 NBA hats

• A soccer player showing up at his team’s practice was immediately arrested. And he’s not even on the Bengals.

• They’ll be dancing on the ceiling all night long, as Lionel Richie is scheduled to perform at Tony & Eva’s wedding:

Lionel Richie

• SKULL/BONES blazes a different trail in stating that Portland’s pompous pride in Greg Oden may be premature.

• MONDESI’S HOUSE is now casting for this summer’s blockbuster disaster flick - Pittsburgh Pirates: The Movie II:

gorzy sloth

• In a similar vein, DODGER BLUES has their take on some of L.A.’s longball look-a-likes.