ESPN Stuart Scott Says That Word Ho Used As Term Of Affection

ESPN’S SCOTT SAYS “HO” USED AS TERM OF “AFFECTION”: Pity the gang at AOL Fanhouse. In cooking up one of the web’s best sports blogs, they actually endure ESPN radio’s “Mike and Mike” morning show (at least when stuck in the Drive-Thru line waiting for their special-order McGriddles).

Mike and Mike

This morning Michael David Smith reports that Stuart Scott defended hip-hop music when he was asked “whether it’s fair for Imus to be in so much trouble for calling the Rutgers women’s basketball team ‘nappy-headed hos’ when rap lyrics frequently use such language.

Stuart Scott Catepillar

Scott’s response was bizarre, to say the least. He said rappers who use those words ‘mean it in an affectionate way.’ Scott has a wife and two daughters and Smith wonders how they feel about that characterization.