ESPN Somehow Keeps The Laura Lane Flame Alive

By now you probably know that Kobe Bryant’s witch wife Vanessa reportedly cursed out someone named Laura Lane over Lane linking (in her personal blog) to a web rumor that Kobe was cheating on Ms. Bryant. Ms. Lane, who also writes for, wrote in her blog about the confrontation earlier this week.

Vanessa Bryant Laura Lane

SbB and others then linked Lane’s piece (which of course was then quickly deleted), and that was the end of the story. Until, like the Dana Jacobsen debacle, decided to report on what happened.

Now why would ESPN go and do that - causing sites like to report the whole, messy thing?

Good question. To be fair, the ESPN *report* came from the WWL’s rather obscure ESPN Mag blog. So maybe it was a rogue writer pinching some spice into a post. But based on the crushing oversight contributors suffer, I doubt that.

Perhaps it was editors trying to put the corporation’s spin on what happened - to mitigate the possible damage done to the Bristol-Bryant connex. Or like in the case of Jacobsen, Bristol thinks the Lane-Bryant *confrontation* was much bigger than it really was.

The SbB Jacobsen posts that we did have received more search hit traffic than just about anything we’ve done since last December. The reason? ESPN reported it as hard news on it’s numerous outlets (TV, radio, web).

And then just as quickly, it pulled all references to the story across all platforms.

By even the smallest of mentions about the Lane-Bryant (makes me think of the mall) thing, the net is bringing more attention to what Lane implied Kobe might have done. And that will most likely make things worse, not better, between the WWL and the Bryants (and the Lakers for that matter).

Which is awfully bad timing, considering the Lakers are the NBA’s next dynasty (when Andrew Bynum returns next season).