ESPN Reminds Us It Will Outlast President Obama

Remember how Barack Obama promised he would use some of the resources and goodwill of the Office of the President to work towards a college football playoff system?  Remember how he reiterated it on “60 Minutes”? Remember how those that make their money at the teat of the college bowl system giggled like snide schoolgirls at the notion that anyone, including the leader of the free world, could upset their golden apple cart?

No Obama sez BCS

ESPN has entered the fray and would like everyone to remember just who keeps the warm bathing green-like-money-tinted lights on around this here BCS now and they don’t mind that bowl system at all. Dave Bowen, the VP of programming at ESPN, told the MOBILE PRESS-REGISTER that “… the next four-year cycle is done, so a playoff is not a consideration at this point.” Hmmm … how long is a term of office for the President?

Of course, ESPN just paid half a billion dollars to televise BCS games for four years starting in 2011.  A playoff system almost certainly means voiding that deal and opening the bidding process again. Winners keepers, kids. Also, only game in town keepers.

(Unless Comcast’s evil can overwhelm ESPN. Maybe they can figure out a way to put ESPN on hold until 2015, just like they do with their customers.)

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