ESPN Radio Host Colin Refuses To Cow In Face Of Onrushing Technology

COLIN WON’T COW IN FACE OF ONRUSHING TECHNOLOGY: None of us fathomed that Don Imus would ever have any competition as the most-admired and respected radio personality in America, until Colin Cowherd came along.

Colin Cowherd Don Imus

And unlike Cowherd’s newly-surfaced legion of petty, thoughtless, and irresponsible detractors, I’ve just gotten my hot little hands on PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF that the ESPN radio host is beloved by his fans - thanks to piccies snapped from his appearance in Ohio last November.

Colin Cowherd

As you can plainly see, thousands, hundreds, tens, many fans came out last November during Michigan week to see the wildly popular ESPN talker in Columbus. Clear evidence that the Connecticut-based worker has parlayed thoughtful sports analysis and quick wit into clearance on large market radio stations like ESPN’s affiliate in New York.

Colin Cowherd

Even when Cowherd can’t clear the biggest markets with his all-encompassing radio presentation (or draw crowds at remotes without relying on local celebrities), he can rest easy in knowing that he has the unwavering support of his co-workers, along with his ruggedly athletic, handsome looks and an imposing manhood that remains firmly intact.

Colin Cowherd Tara Reid Stomach

And Cowherd knows that there’s responsibilities that go with being an AM radio host heard in markets like the Quad Cities, Albuquerque, and Twin Falls, Idaho. First and foremost, you have to be prepared to captivate A-List celebrities who shadow your every move - like Tara Reid.

Colin Cowherd

So now you know, there’s no doubt the future is bright for Cowherd. He proves daily that expressing a profound disdain for sports coverage on the internet and moving from major market sports television anchor to late-morning sports radio host is the path to broadcast immortality.