ESPN Radio Host Asks DUI-Charged Coach About His Alcohol Of Choice

DUI-CHARGED COACH ON HIS ALCOHOL OF CHOICE: Cal Poly’s student newspaper recently had former Fox Sports Radio host C.J. Silas accusing employees of the network of unrelenting sexual harrassment.

ESPN Radio has since hired Silas, which proved to be a coup based on her interview with new A-State coach Dennis Erickson.

During a stream consciousness exchange - in which Silas gave the coach a series of two options to pick - the female host asked Erickson “Beer or Wine?”

Dennis Erickson

Shockingly, Erickson, who has been embroiled in controversy ever since being charged with DUI during his days as coach of the Seattle Seahawks, didn’t say “both“.

Instead, he responded: “Mmmmm, beer.

OK, I made up the Mmmmm part.