ESPN Radio Grounded By Air Force Upset Pick Over Notre Dame

LEE CORSO, JR: Friday night ESPN Radio host John Seibel revealed his upset special for the weekend: an Air Force upset over Notre Dame.

Final Score: ND 37-AF 19 (after the Irish called off the dogs following a 33-3 lead).

Fortunately for Seibel (at least until now), his prediction isn’t in print.

The prediction isn’t the low moment in Seibel’s esteemed broadcasting career though. That would be reserved for his entire stint as a TV sports anchor in the seventh circle of hell (or St. Joseph, Missouri - for those residing outside the Show-Me State).

In fairness, I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I’ve traversed many a lonely highway listening to Seibel and assorted ESPN Radio hosts - effectively preventing me from dipping too deep into the No-Doz.

Network sports radio is a low-paying, thankless gig. That is, unless you find an agent who’s adept at soaking sports radio industry amateurs currently overseeing soon-doomed operations for obscene overpayments.