ESPN Radio: Masoli Prints On ‘Stolen Property’

UPDATE (6:36p ET): ESPN Radio in Portland (KFXX 1080 AM) reports this afternoon that police found Oregon Quarterback Jeremiah Masoli’s fingerprints on “stolen property” that was reported missing from the same Oregon fraternity house where the football player was accused of theft.

Masoli Fingerprints Found On Stolen Property

KFXX show host Jason Scukanec added on-air that the stolen property was a Macbook Pro laptop computer that alleged theft victim Max Wolfard reported stolen and was subsequently recovered.

KFXX also reports that LaMichael James will “plead down” to a harassment charge tomorrow and face no suspension. James initially pleaded not guilty to five misdemeanor assault charges.

I’ve been told that Chip Kelly will not speak to the media until next week, though a statement from the coach may come tomorrow.

Two Portland-based ESPN Radio staffers are claiming that Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, who will arraigned tomorrow on a felony burglary charge, has had his Oregon football locker “cleaned out.

Masoli Fingerprints Found On Stolen Property

One of the on-air personalities is also claiming that LaMichael James will not face any suspension despite a looming “changed” plea to multiple charges of misdemeanor assault tomorrow. James had previously pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Travis Demers of ESPN’s KFXX 1080AM in Portland noted this afternoon on “Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli’s locker has been cleaned out….

Jason Scukanec of KFXX added: “I’m also hearing right now that Masoli’s locker is already cleaned out and is done. Also that LaMichael James is not going to be suspended.

Demers also noted on his Twitter account about James, “Oregon RB LaMichael James won’t be suspended. He said/she said case. His ex wouldn’t leave his appt and he tried to force her out.

Neither piece of news is a suprise to anyone who has followed the situation.

Though depending on what comes out tomorrow, James missing no games may leave some perplexed.