ESPN: Possible Mangino Replacements Talk To KU

ESPN’s National College Football Reporter, Joe Schad, Tweeted this earlier today:

Joe Schad Tweets Kansas In Talks With Possible Mark Mangino Replacements

Surprisingly, Schad’s revelation hasn’t made the rounds yet in the national media. Friday afternoon I reported that Kansas officials were in talks with reps of Mangino to buy his contract out. If KU was held to the balance of Mangino’s deal, J. Brady McCollough of the KANSAS CITY STAR reported Saturday it would cost the school $6.6M.

All indications are that Mangino will coach the Jayhawks against Missouri on Saturday. He certainly has given the impression he has every intention of not quitting.

It hasn’t played out. Answering you in an honest fashion, it hasn’t played out. That’s how I feel about it. So I’m doing my job and getting ready to play Missouri.”

That “playing out” process could be a buyout negotiation, or Mangino counting on support from his current players and Big 12 coaches to pull him through.

Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to be enough. Especially considering Schad’s report today on KU making contact with possible replacements for Mangino.

In other college football news, on Saturday night, the WASHINGTON POST reported what I wrote here the day before: Maryland is now discussing a possible buyout of Ralph Friedgen’s contract.

In other DC football news, I’ve learned from both an NFL and college football source today that Redskins assistant coach Jerry Gray is the leading candidate for the vacant Memphis head football coaching position.

Memphis’ Fred Smith, founder of FedEx, is a minority owner of the Redskins, which could be playing a role in Gray as a prominent candidate for the gig. Previously, Gray had be reported as a candidate for the Redskins head coaching job on an interim basis if Jim Zorn was fired during the season.

My college source called Gray the “leader in the clubhouse” for the Memphis job.