ESPN The Mag Gina Carano Topless Cover Posted

Michael McCarthy of USA TODAY posts this extremely natural looking topless shot of Gina Carano for one of the six covers of ESPN THE MAGAZINE’s upcoming “The Body” Issue.

Gina Carano's Topless Shot For ESPN The Mag Cover

(A topless cover? Okay, that makes no sense)

Earlier today, I posted the Serena Williams fully-nude cover. That’s two of six covers. #3:

Dwight Howard Cover of ESPN The Magazine The Body Issue

The other four covers: Adrian Peterson, Dwight Howard, NASCAR’s Carl Edwards and amputee triathlete Sarah Reinertsen:

Sarah Reinertsen ESPN The Mag The Body Issue Cover

Reinertsen, from her photos, looks like an absolute hoss (dayum!). It’s a no-brainer that her photo will be the most memorable of the half-dozen covers.

Serena Williams cover photo ESPN The Body Issue posted

From looking at the Carano and Serena covers, I have to believe Danica Patrick is a little melancholy she didn’t participate. If she’d done a cover, I think it’s safe to assume it would’ve exploded of the newsstands.

Hit me back in 12 months.