Heisman: No Scheduled Sept. Meeting On Bush

Earlier Tuesday, Charles Robinson and Jason Cole of YAHOO SPORTS reported, “The Heisman Trophy Trust is expected to strip former University of Southern California star running back Reggie Bush of college football’s top honor by the end of September, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Linda Cohn notes Chris Fowler appearance on SportsCenter

After the Yahoo report was published, ESPN’s Chris Fowler reported on the network’s SportsCenter show that he had subsequently talked to members of the eight-person panel of Heisman Trustees about the status of Bush’s Heisman award.

Fowler said that the Heisman Trust “has not yet voted” on the status of Bush’s Heisman nor has it discussed the issue at a formal meeting.  Fowler also noted that he was told no announcement regarding the Trust’s revocation of Bush’s Heisman “is imminent.”

ESPN did not post Fowler’s remarks on ESPN.com and was not including them in later SportsCenter reports.

While Fowler noted that the Heisman Trust has not taken action yet regarding Bush’s Heisman, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Yahoo’s initial report was inaccurate - as claimed by SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn. Yahoo only reported that a final decision on the matter would come before the end of the month.

Robinson and Cole originally broke the news of Bush taking extra benefits from two marketing agents. It was their coverage of Bush’s impropriety that ultimate brought down the USC program - leading to harsh NCAA sanctions.

UPDATE: ESPN has inserted some of Fowler’s comments into its ESPN.com report on the subject. Excerpt:

However, ESPN’s Chris Fowler told “SportsCenter” that although members of the eight-person trust have had informal conversations among themselves about what to do about Bush’s Heisman, “they certainly have not made any decision” about rescinding it.

“They haven’t made a decision. No announcement is imminent,” Fowler said Tuesday. “They have not had any formal meetings about this.”

The trust does have a regularly-scheduled meeting in September, Fowler said.

In the last sentence, the key word is “regularly.”