ESPN Exhumes Body Of George Gipp For Upcoming Documentary

ND FOOTBALL FINDS WAY AROUND ACADEMIC STANDARDS?: We don’t watch a lot of television these days, except for Sunday nights on KNBC-TV in L.A. But you can bet we’ll soon be parked in front of the tube for an upcoming ESPN doco on Notre Dame legend George Gipp.

George Gipp reports from Laurium, Michigan, that for the ESPN production, “the body of Notre Dame football hero and Laurium legend George Gipp was exhumed from his gravesite at Lake View Cemetery Thursday.

The disinterment was done for DNA testing in conjunction with an upcoming book on Gipp’s life written by historian Michael Bynum.

ESPN Notre Dame

Well as you might expect, that development has locals and Gipp family members very, very pleased. Or maybe not.

Ron Gipp, a distant cousin who lives in Laurium called the move by ESPN “a desecration.” Gipp: “I never dreamed at 62 years old, I’d be a pallbearer putting him back in his casket.

Karl Gipp, another cousin from Skanee, is considering suing the Bristol suits for digging up Gipp’s body: “I don’t know why ESPN, as a sports network, would come and dig up a grave and film it. It’s absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for. For me, it’s a sacrilege against our community up here, the Gipp name, and the people. I have nothing good to say about it. Nothing.

The best part of the story: Bynum nor ESPN is telling anyone why they need to do DNA harvesting testing on the body. But the move is completely understandable. Considering the high academic requirements at Notre Dame, how else are the Irish expected to raise players for their foundering program?