ESPN Draft Coverage Finds The Mel Kiper Of Baseball Draft Jim Callis

ESPN MLB DRAFT COVERAGE HAS ITS OWN MEL KIPER, JR.: So congrats to our ol’ college roommate at the Univ. of Georgia (and BASEBALL AMERICA guru) Jim Callis for knockin’ ‘em dead at the MLB draft on ESPN2 yesterday.

If the baseball draft is to take hold on television, ESPN needs another Mel Kiper to take the reigns (minus the helmet hair, of course). Callis is that guy if the four-letter-net sticks with its commit to annual draft coverage.

Jim Callis Mel Kiper

And make no mistake, we take full credit for Callis’ blossoming baseball-based national television career. After all it was us who first forced him to beat the bushes on Sunday morns for our vanished vehicle after an evening of (our alone, of course) imbibing in adult intoxicants at the 40 Watt.