ESPN: Deion Sanders Had Contact With Dez Bryant

Sports media is abuzz today about the botched contract of Michael Crabtree, who Mike Florio of PFT reports will get a full $2M per year less than Darius Heyward-Bey.

Deion Sanders Dez Bryant

Almost immediately after Crabtree’s cave-in was announced, we got word that another prized Big 12 wide receiver, Dez Bryant of Oklahoma State, had been declared ineligible for lying about contact with an ex-NFL player.

Doug Gottlieb Show ESPN Radio

So was there a common deionominator between the two? According to ESPN Radio Host Doug Gottlieb, yep.

Gottlieb, a former Oklahoma State basketball player, said on his nationally-syndicated ESPN radio show today he was told by Oklahoma State football coaches that last summer Sanders was advising Bryant on training and other areas pertinent to his playing career. When Cowboys coaches tried to contact Sanders to address the relationship, Sanders dodged them repeatedly.

Gottlieb noted that several times last summer Bryant would “disappear” from Stillwater for 2-3 days at a time. Turns out those absences were to meet with Sanders in Dallas.

Now the question is, who initiated the suspension of Bryant, the NCAA or Oklahoma State? If it came from the Cowboys, it’s reasonable to think that perhaps coach Mike Gundy, who played with program-killing wide receiver Hart Lee Dykes, is using the sanction to cut off Bryant completely from Sanders.

I haven’t confirmed that just yet. Following.