ESPN College Basketball Analyst Doug Gottlieb Gets Into Verbal Spat In Chat Room

ESPN ANALYST GETS INTO IT WITH CHAT ROOM CHUCKLERS: Doug Gottlieb does not suffer fools gladly:

Doug Gottlieb Oklahoma State

DEADSPIN gets a battle communique from TURTLE SPORTS REPORT on a recent war of words between the college basketball analyst and comedic commenters on’s some of the selected sparring as it occured in the Worldwide Leader’s chat room:

Doug Gottlieb Chat

(Background note: During his freshman year at Notre Dame, Gottlieb was convicted of stealing his roommate’s credit cards and ringing up $900 in charges. He soon transferred to Oklahoma State.)”Mike (Indiana): How did your mediocre basketball career prepare you for a mediocre broadcasting career?

Doug Gottlieb: (4:04 PM ET ) So your mediocre life can prepare you for a mediocre afterlife….and by the way, which one of us works for ESPN….hey and next time…when I you say 30 minutes or less….get here on time with my pizza.

Domino's Pizza car

John (Notre Dame): Doug, I lost my credit card, where were you last night?
Doug Gottlieb: (4:27 PM ET ) Ask your mom.



Doug Gottlieb: (4:34 PM ET ) Ten years ago I made a mistake…and payed for it…18 years ago YOU WERE your parents mistake and they are still paying for it

There’s a valuable lesson to be learned in all this - don’t dilly-dally digitally with a defiant Doug.

Scott Van Pelt

Just imagine the fireworks flying if Gottlieb ever came to message board blows with fellow Bristol employee Scott Van Pelt.