ESPN Baseball Tonight Bad Cuban Versus Trump

• THE DIA-TRIBE agonizes over the sad, sad decline of ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight”:

Crying Kid ESPN Baseball Tonight

• CNBC’s Darren Rovell crunches the numbers to see how much the #1 NBA pick is really worth.

• WE ARE THE POSTMEN presents (via BLOG MAVERICK) a reality show concept that we might actually tune in for: Donald Trump vs. Mark Cuban:

Donald Trump Mark Cuban

• Speaking of attention whores, THE WIZARD OF ODDS spots American Idol’s Sanjaya giving props to UCLA during his dwindling 15 minutes of fame:

Sanjaya UCLA Simon Cowell American Idol

• THE EXTRAPOLATER banks in this clip of soon-to-be NBA pick Yi Jianlian, “Een Joor Face!

• SEAL CLUBBERS puts the moving vans on hold, as the second overall pick could help keep the Sonics in Seattle.

• For the benefit of the Jazz & Cavs, BRAHSOME offers some halftime motivation, courtesy of Bobby Knight (audio NSFW, but you already knew that).

Jazz Cavaliers Bobby Knight Purdue

• FIRE JOE MORGAN takes issue with New York Newsday’s Wallace Matthews taking issue with Tim Wakefield.

• GOLDEN STATE OF MIND thinks Kevin Garnett may want to come to California, but a little farther north than Lakers fans would like.

• Lawrence Phillips is on his way: LARRY BROWN SPORTS reports the Nebraska A.D. wants to give *five* years of eligibility to college football players.