ESPN Incurs Poultry Fecal Matter Advocate Wrath

The one decade day I don’t watch ESPN2’s First Take, and something unbelievably offensive goes out live over the air! Thank goodness never misses a minute, capturing a shameful remark from Barry Melrose this morning that sent shockwaves through Poultry Fecal Matter Advocacy groups worldwide .

ESPN averts mass Poulty Fecal Matter Advocate protest

The controversy started when show host Jay Crawford asked Melrose what he applied to his face to maintain his boyish visage.

Melrose responded with “chicken sh–.” Twice!

ESPN, to its credit, soon followed with an apology.

Now that’s what I call responsible broadcasting.

Still waiting to hear about Melrose’s press conference on the matter. Dude really needs to get ahead of this. Show humility. Chicken defecation has long been a hot button in this country, so I’m assuming ESPN has already enlisted the services of Ari Fleischer and Tony Dungy to damage control Melrose’s public relations disaster.