ESPN Adds New Correction Policy Across All Media Platforms

Correct us if we’re wrong, but a new policy laid down by ESPN on how it will correct mistakes it has made across its far-reaching entities (TV, radio, internet, magazine, Chris Berman’s hiring) would seem to require the launch a whole new division: Fact checking.

ESPN has always made corrections,” said ESPN executive editor John A. Walsh. “Now, we have created a process that formalizes standards and procedures to govern corrections.

ESPN Correction Form now has a pop-up form one can fill out if someone has the need to report a mistake (expect that to be abused immediately).This new system was given a stamp of approval by the Poynter Institute, a respected journalism organization based in St. Petersburg, Fla., which says the ESPN guidelines on corrections “will set a new standard for broadcast and online transparency” and the guidelines could be a “model” for other news organizations.

Poynter, however, would not immediately give its blessings on the continuation of “Around The Horn.”