ESCAR-G.O.A.T.: As sportsmen, the French are…

ESCAR-G.O.A.T.: As sportsmen, the French are miserable failures, until now. I’m pleased to present the World Snail-Splitting Championships.


SbB Gig #148 brought together a night of SbB sports entertainment and a powerhouse website:>

A HREF=”″ TARGET=”_blank”>TBR sports bar hosted the gig, which featured a large crowd boosted by a generous gathering of Farkers. BR>

Fark founder Drew Curtis won his way into the SbB Trivia Finals, but in the end, longtime SbB champion Steve once again claimed the trivia title.B>

The SbB Girls were Karen (who won the SbB Girls trivia round), Denise, Jessica and first-timer Abby.

Thanks to SbB Hall of Famers USFL Fan, Brratt, SbB Girl Denise and Annie and the folks at The Bitter Redhead.