Erin Andrews Won’t Fawn Over UF While Working

• Chill out, ‘Canes fans - Gator alum Erin Andrews knows better than to fawn over Florida while she’s working for the Worldwide Leader.

Erin Andrews fullbody

• It’s bad enough LeBron James wore a Yankees cap at an Indians playoff game last season, but to go to a Browns game and pal around with the Cowboys instead?

Rudy Giuliani’s kid can throw all the apples he wants, he’s still not getting back on the Duke golf team.

• Maybe NASCAR Craftsman Truck racer Roy Hornaday mistook HGH for Preparation H. After all, he does do an awful lot of sitting.

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• Maybe the Silver & Black can pick up Ed Johnson, who’s just been kicked to the curb by the Colts for keeping pot in his car.

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• Notre Dame is set to dedicate a statue honoring Lou Holtz. And with Michigan facing the Irish on Saturday, they’ll be stiffs both outside and inside the stadium.

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