Erin Andrews to Be In EA Sports’ NCAA Football 10

Every July, millions of video game players flock to their local Best Buys, Circuit Citys, Gamestops, or wherever they buy their games to get their hands on the newest version of EA Sports’ NCAA Football. I know it’s an annual tradition for me. Still, with the economy rather shaky these days, the folks at EA realize that there’s a possibility sales may dip this year as some people might not want to drop $50 on a game right now, so they know they have to do something to make this year’s version even more appealing.

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Yes, once again EA has turned to the other EA to help get the job done. Joining Brad Nessler, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso in this year’s game will be sideline reporter Erin Andrews.

From the EA SPORTS Press Release:

Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews will be featured as a sideline reporter in EA SPORTS NCAA Football 10 for Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3. In addition to delivering in-game news straight from the gridiron, Andrews will also be featured in a major NCAA Football 10 mode that will be revealed at a later date.

Andrews is the newest addition to the NCAA Football 10 broadcast team, joining Kirk Herbstreit, Brad Nessler, and Lee Corso in a game that envelopes the excitement and pageantry of college football at its best. Including Andrews as part of the NCAA Football 10 broadcast team complements the franchise commitment to offer the most authentic college football experience available on any gaming platform. Andrews has served as a sideline reporter for ESPN’s College Football Saturdays since 2004.

This is the second game in which Andrews has a role for EA Sports, as she was in last year’s version of NCAA March Madness 09. This game comes out on July 14th, so mark your calendars now. I get the feeling you won’t be skipping through all the injury updates like you used to.

As for what this mode of the game that Andrews will be featured in and announced at a later date, I don’t know what it is, but I hope it involves some kind of virtual reality.