Erin Andrews Vs. The World In Pages Of Playboy

It’s that time of year again: time to actually read PLAYBOY for the articles. That’s because, for the third time, the mag is letting you pick the sexiest sportscaster. They’ve narrowed down the choices to 30 and are letting you vote, so put those one-hand typing skills to good use and stuff the ballot box for your favorite.

Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews is listed first, so while the list might be in alphabetical order, it may as well be in order of the favorites too. Andrews took this competition in a landslide last year (Jill Arrington won it the first year), and if I were a betting man, I would consider taking Andrews over the field. Like the Bulls of the mid-90s, even if she’s not putting the best team on the court, her momentum is unstoppable. But there’s no such thing as a sure thing; let’s take a look at some of the women hoping to dethrone America’s Sideline Princess™. (And by “let’s take a look,” I mean “let’s post some pictures.”)

Michelle Beisner

This is Michelle Beisner. She’s on the NFL Network, so you’ve probably never seen her. Obviously the league should be putting her in their ads instead of actual football, because I’m a heck of a lot more likely to call my local cable company after seeing that picture.

Beisner is one of a few of the nominees who have run under the radar so far in the world of competitive sexiness. Some, like the incredibly well-endowed Ashley Russell, we’ve already spotlighted. Others, like Beisner and ESPN Deportes’ Adriana Monsalve, pictured below, even I didn’t know about, and a big part of my job description is looking for hot sportscasters. I applaud PLAYBOY for doing their homework.

Adriana Monsalve

The vast majority of the nominees are actually talented ladies, who got their jobs on their knowledge and skills. The era of the hot sports girl who knows nothing about sports (read: Jill Arrington and Jillian Barberie)  is passing quickly, with only Lisa Guerrero representing them in this year’s poll. What’s that? You didn’t know Guerrero was still doing sports? Well, she’s a “writer” for the LA TIMES now.

The nice Jewish girl you’d take home to your parents demographic is represented by Bonnie Bernstein, whose recent “Basic Instinct” moment won’t hurt her chances. But no inclusion of Linda Cohn or Suzy Kolber? That’s a travishamockery.

Also well-represented is the “NESN girl who isn’t that cute, but it’s Boston so we’ll take what we can get” demographic, with Hazel Mae and Tina Cervasio in the running.

The old guard makes a strong statement with Melissa Stark, Pam Oliver and Hannah Storm, who seem like they’ve been around forever. They’ve been looking good while reading off an injury report since before it was cool.

And now I realize I’ve gone four paragraphs without a picture. I apologize for this oversight. Here’s Lindsay Soto, with two reasons she could win this thing:

Lindsay Soto