Blog Jam: Erin Andrews To Appear on ‘Blog Show’

• MR. IRRELEVANT is all excited to welcome this week’s very special guest to “Blog Show” - Erin Andrews!

Erin Andrews Skin-Tight Pants Photos

(Erin getting ready for her big “Blog Show” debut)

• SHUTDOWN CORNER is sad to see that retirement has turned Brett Favre to a life of crime. Oh, wait - wrong Favre.

• Speaking of Brett, the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL reports that the QB’s locker at Lambeau has finally been dismantled.

Lynn Trenning of the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER observes how stylish Jay Bilas is, especially when the ESPN analyst shells out $2,000 per suit.

• BIG LEAGUE STEW is pleased that the Dodgers’ Mark Sweeney is willing to give Clayton Kershaw the number off his back - at no charge.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED gives us some grandiose greetings with these kooky college baseball handshakes.

• Now that he’s silenced the Spurs, PART MULE remembers when Kobe Bryant was flying over Filipino foes.

Michael David Smith of AOL FANHOUSE is kind enough to offer the mainstream media this guide on how to cover mixed martial arts.

• PRO FOOTBALL 24X7 believes ex-Eagles receiver Freddie Mitchell may have found a roster spot with the Ravens.

• The CBC learns that NHL ticket sales have been doing great in Canada, not so great in the U.S.

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