Erin Andrews: “Tentatively Agrees” To ESPN Deal

Michael Hiestand of USA TODAY has the latest on the employment status of Erin Andrews at ESPN:

Erin Andrews and ESPN have tentatively agreed to a new deal to replace her current one, which expires this week. ESPN executive Norby Williamson, declining to say how Andrews’ on-air roles might change, says, “We hope to have a deal signed soon.”

Saturday I reported that despite a report that Andrews was staying at ESPN, she had not signed a contract yet. Appears that hasn’t changed.

If EA stays @ the WWL, her first ESPN-arranged endorsement will be…*

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Per my Saturday report, if Andrews does re-sign with ESPN, get ready to see her in a lot of commercials. (Beats seeing Berman’s doll hair-coiffure at Applebees every quarter hour.)

*UPDATE: Disregard the poll. (Accidentally recycled from when Golic re-signed.)