Erin Andrews Faces Up To What She Finds Sexy

It’s a safe bet to say that Erin Andrews is the object of affection for many a sports fan. Heck, even USA TODAY’s Michael Hiestand christened her “TV sports’ first It Girl“. But how do you win the heart of such a famous sideline sweetheart?

Erin Andrews big cutout

Make a giant-size cutout of her smiling face? That’s seems a bit too much. And licking said cutout just kills any romanticism.

Well, lucky for us, Erin has used MEN’S HEALTH as a forum to once and for all reveal what she finds attractive in a man. So, what really revs her motor? Are you man enough to proceed after the jump to find out?

First and foremost, Erin says she only needs to check out one part of the male anatomy to learn if it’s worth her time:

Over the years, it’s become clear what I love and don’t loveā€”and a lot of it can be found in a man’s face.

Really? The face? The kisser? The ol’ mush?

In getting to know a man, the face is a great place to start. I work in an industry that praises guys for playing gritty, getting physical, going all out. Needless to say, I don’t mind a scar or two on the face; it’s part of the life. In my opinion, a man has no need to be self-conscious or to hide it. It shows character, and we could all use more of that.

Erin Andrews Skin-Tight Pants Photos

(Erin covertly checking out the crowd behind her for any hot guys)

Fellas, keep in mind that a scar from a sports injury and a scar from a popped zit are two completely different marks of rugged masculinity.

Speaking of hygiene, Erin admits that sometimes cleanliness is not always next to godliness:

I’ve worked with low-key announcers who care more about the free food in the media room than whether their High Definition makeup is blended properly (it’s just part of the business). And I’ve watched athletes jump into the shower post-game and come out so fast they haven’t stopped sweating, and I don’t even have questions ready. This kind of confidence is attractive to me.

But that doesn’t mean that the way to Erin’s heart is a detour away from the bathtub:

I’m not advocating zero maintenance. A guy’s face does benefit from daily upkeep, even though a flawless complexion isn’t essential to me at all.

Andrews further explains how radical work like botox, collagen or even colored contacts are a big turn-off for her, stating that her ideal is someone who takes good care of his face, but lets his individuality and his personality and his age stand out, without apologies.”

Erin Andrews Bruce Pearl shirtless

Works for Bruce Pearl.

But the most telling of Erin’s desires is how much she loves it when players lather up on the ol’ SPF suntan lotion:

There’s nothing sexier than a man protecting himself from skin cancer.

There you have it, gentlemen. Take heed of these words & benefit greatly from the knowledge that hath been bestowed upon you. Especially you guys in the National Spelling Bee.

On a side note, isn’t it interesting that Erin’s article on the infatuation of the face is sponsored by the new Gillette Fusion razor? Eh, probably just a coincidence.