Erin Andrews Talks To Bloggers; Smoltz Silenced

This chesty Celtics fan once tried to make Jack Nicholson look like a boob.

Erin Andrews does the unthinkable - talks with some sports bloggers.

Erin Andrews Jamie Mottram Dan Steinberg

(Jamie Mottram & Dan Steinberg check out the view)

• Scheduled shoulder surgery smushes John Smoltz’s season.

• What lady could resist the charms of a pseudo Sonics employee?

Santana Moss misses Monday practice after a 3-day birthday bacchanalia.

• Green Bay is being gorged of its local sportscasters.

Tony Sparano wants Jason Taylor to dance back to the Dolphins.

Kevin Johnson’s Sacramento mayoral race goes into overtime.

Pau Gasol was such a great goober-headed gift from the Grizzlies.

• A Pats player pulled over with pills turns drug informant.

Peter Warrick’s comeback with the CFL lasts one whole week.