Erin Andrews Calls Vols’ Bruce Pearl “Passionate”

After spending her time asking so many questions to so many coaches, Erin Andrews finally gets a chance to give some answers.

Erin Andrews fullbody

Teddy Greenstein of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE got lucky enough to sit down with the sideline superstar and get her thoughts on a variety of subjects - from halftime hugs to her own online celebrity status.

Erin recalls her reaction when Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl put his mid-game moves on her:

He gave me a big bear hug. I wasn’t surprised at all because he’s very passionate. But right when it happened, you could see the reaction on my face: Oh, God, this is going to be all over the place.

Bruce Pearl Erin Andrews screenshot

Why would she ever think that? Erin also reveals what sweet nothings coach Pearl sent to her after their ESPN-filmed embrace:

He texted me and said: “Thanks for doing the game. Great working with you.” I said: “Absolutely” and mentioned: “You know this is gonna get a ton of play on the Internet, don’t you?” He’s like: “Oh, yeah.” He gets it.

We told you he was a player. Anyway, Erin also touches on her blossoming Internet fame:

The past year or so, it’s been . . . obviously not to the extent of Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears or Tom Brady with a walking boot, but it’s like every move I make, whether it’s wearing red leggings at a UCLA game or who am I talking to on the sidelines of a Rutgers game, it’s being talked about 24-7.

At least Erin hasn’t done anything shameful, like checking in & out of rehab, or losing a Super Bowl & ruining an undefeated season. But there is some news Ms. Andrews does love to hear about herself - namely, kudos from other female sportscasters that she holds in high esteem:

The coolest thing that happens is when I get a text message from Lesley Visser or Linda Cohn or Shelley Smith. Shelley texted me to say: “You’re doing a great job with this Indiana (Kelvin Sampson) stuff.” These are women who have been in the business a lot longer than me and have dealt with a lot of stuff and they’re giving me support. They’re giving me credit not just for being Playboy’s Sexiest Broadcaster. That means more than they will ever know.

More than a message from Bruce? Wow, that must be serious.