Erin’s The Bee’s Knees; Let Tony & Jess Eat Cake

Erin Andrews will be lending her talents to the National Spelling Bee.

Erin Andrews fullbody

As if the young male competitors weren’t nervous enough already.

• When it comes to celebrity couples chowing down, Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson really take the cake.

• The Milwaukee Brewers take a back seat to no one - especially an airline passenger seat.

• But those stranded travelers can always take a ride on Air Tranica.

• An NFL writer claims that ex-Michigan coach Lloyd Carr is “sick”, and not in a phat, dope kind of way.

• A Brazilian soccer player says he’s better than Pele, based on the sound reasoning that he never saw him play.

• Someone tell DeShawn Stevenson that taunting doesn’t work when you’re down by 16.

• If the Washington Redskins can’t acquire Chad Johnson, at least they can send their cheerleaders to India.

Pacman Jones sure could use a signing bonus, after paying $15,000 to the trigger man in the infamous Vegas strip club shooting.

• Which would you rather have a ringside seat to - Sox/Yanks yokels or Mets/Phillies fanatics?

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