Erin Andrews’ Scary-Thin Look Has Me Worried

THE SPORTS HERNIA captures an alarming image from ESPN’s regretfully HD coverage of the MLB All-Star festivities last night:

Erin Andrews Looking Scary Thin On ESPN

(SbBTards: Save The ‘Why Doesn’t She Borrow Some Of Holly Rowe‘ Jokes)

Erin Andrews clearly has lost too much weight, so if someone at ESPN hasn’t already said something to her about it, they need to intervene after last night. Or at least find out the reason for her unnatural weight loss.

Hate to say it, but Andrews’ unintentionally Coulter-ish countenance made me skirm a little. Hopefully there aren’t any undue health reasons causing the dramatic weight loss and she’ll be back to her substantial self in short order.

I was actually thinking about bagging going to the ESPYs this year, but I might show up now just to point EA out to the new Lawry’s Prime Rib downtown L.A. location, conveniently located adjacent to the ESPY-host Nokia Theatre.