EA Stalker Cops Plea After ‘Hot Blonde’ Discovery

I received the following statement today from the attorney of Michael David Barrett, who is accused of making nude peephole videos of Erin Andrews:

1st Photo Of Michael David Barrett Erin Andrews Alleged Nude Peephole Videomaker

Mr. Barrett accepts full responsibility for his conduct. He apologizes to Ms. Andrews, and expresses his deep regret for his conduct that caused her so much pain.

Barrett will now plead guilty in a Los Angeles federal court. He faces five years in prison and a $250,000 fine for the interstate charge stalking charge related to Andrews.

Barrett initially pled not guilty in court and appeared as though he was going to fight the accusation. So why the change of heart?

It’s probably not a coincidence that Barrett changed his plea after the FBI last week served search warrants at the offices of Google and Yahoo in the the reported quest of a nude video of another woman Barrett allegedly uploaded to the web.

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports tonight:

In an affidavit, FBI agents said they were looking for a 42-second video entitled “Hot Blonde Out of Shower,” which was posted in June to Flickr.com by a user named “Breastboy.” Flickr is owned by Yahoo.

Authorities believe the Flickr account belongs to Barrett, 48, of Westmont, Ill. The video, which appeared to be taken through a hotel room peephole, was viewed nearly 3,000 times before it was taken down .

The next question is, will Barrett get five years - or with the new evidence - is there a possibility he could serve even more time than what he originally faced?