Erin Andrews May Not Know Definition of Honest

Is this post an excuse to run a photo of Erin Andrews? Perhaps. But the intrepid sideline reporter used her feminine wiles journalistic skills to her advantage and sat in on an Indiana basketball practice Friday.

Erin Andrews walk sideglance

After spending some quality time with coach Kelvin Sampson, whose days at the school could be numbered after allegedly breaking recruiting rules again, Erin came away with the only opinion she could’ve about Sampson — he’s very honest. Wait, what? 

That’s right. Erin thinks Sampson was “very honest” with her, and Michael David Smith over at AOL FANHOUSE has the video proof of this claim.

We all know Erin didn’t get this gig because of her hard-hitting journalism, but come on. If Kelvin Sampson introduced himself to me as Kelvin Sampson, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t believe him. I’d have to assume he legally changed his name earlier that day just so he could have something new to lie about. In other news, Erin is reporting that Adolf Hitler is caring and Bill Belichick is warm and engaging.

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