Erin Andrews Is Down! Medic! (Takes Ball To Chin)

Sure she’s hot and all, but sometimes you have to keep Erin Andrews from crowding the interview. Look, all I’m saying is that she saunters up with that microphone like she owns the place, flaunting her looks, in your grill with the questions. What’s the solution? A little chin music. That’ll teach her.

Erin Andrews fullbody

Actually it was a foul ball — according to TMZ — that hit Sideline Princess on the chin on Wednesday during the Mets-Dodgers game at Citi Field. She was rushed to the hospital (police escort?), but is OK … it’s just a flesh wound. Erin is tough. And headline writers everywhere have something to keep them amused for the entire day today. TMZ went over several possibilities earlier today.

Super hot sportscaster Erin Andrews shouldn’t participate in any activities where balls fly at her face — “Clueless” anyone? — because a line drive hit her perfect mug last night during the Mets/Dodgers game.

Andrews — who serves as a sideline reporter for ESPN — was struck in the chin by a foul ball hit by New York Mets player Alex Cora during the 4th inning.

Erin was hustled to the hospital a few innings later, but only suffered a bruised chin.

Also I’m quite certain that there was no preferential treatment in the hospital emergency waiting room when Andrews arrived.

(”Damn it nurse, I said a retractor! We can still save this chin!”)