Erin Andrews In Line For Possible Playboy Repeat

• Can Erin Andrews make it two-in-a-row in Playboy’s sexiest sportscaster contest? Well, she’s got quite the competition this time around.

Erin Andrews Kung Fu Grip

• All-American hero? A-Rod’s allegiances lie with the Dominican Republic.

• The Rays need someone to suit up as their mascot. Could it be you?

• Some sports traditions die hard - like racism in South African cricket.

• A Rutgers RB is run down by a dread-ful hair-ripping tackle.

Shaquille O’Neal is all a-Twitter in slamming his Suns.

• MLB sojourns to Seattle should be a lot more scintillating with a new strip club across the street from Safeco.

O.J. to be squeezed into a jail cell for the next 15 years.

• And the winner of today’s sword-swinging caption contest is..

Mike Teel Rutgers sword

Skippy Handleman, with this Swagger-ific suggestion:

I, Mike Teel, challenge thee to an honor duel.

Have a fun weekend, everyone. But before you go…

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