Erin Andrews’ Hot New Dress Looks A Bit Familiar

Many thanks to HOT CLICKS for posting this image of Erin Pageviews Andrews and, at least momentarily, distracting us from the idea that she’s wasting away.

Erin Andrews black dress
(Watch out for the balls, Erin.)

Yessir, that’s nice. “Nice” to “quite nice.” But as FAN IQ pointed out, that dress looks a little familar; turns out, she’s not the only one to be attacked by a bear on the red carpet. Fortunately, EA has some decent company in making it work.

First, Heather Graham, who has stuck around as a hottie much longer than probably anybody would have expected 10 years ago, when Austin Powers 2 came out:

Heather Graham black dress

And now the white-hot Kristin Cavallieri:

Kristin Cavallieri black dress

So, red-blooded gentlemen and non-traditional ladies, we need a verdict. Mainly because we have nothing better to do on this, one of the slowest sports days of the year. Erin vs. Heather vs. Kristin: WHO YA GOT?

Who’s the finest of the fine in the shredded black dress?

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*UPDATE*: DLISTED informs us that other ladies have shown off the same fashion sense as Erin, Heather & Kristin. Such gals as:

Emmitt Smith’s “Dancing With The Stars” partner, Cheryl Burke:

Cherly Burke

Dutch model Doutzen Kroes:

Doutzen Kroes black dress

And “The Hills” ingenue Heidi Montag:

Heidi Montag

(Thanks to SbB reader Prune for the extra tip!)