Erin Andrews Has Bodyguards At Football Games

I’m starting to wonder when Erin Andrews is going to stop doing (free) call-ins to radio shows. Not that I’m complaining.

Erin Andrews

(Get in line for GameDay booty duty)

This week she called into talk to 850 The Buzz host David Glenn in Raleigh, to talk about last night’s UNC-UK game, and her college football reporting gig.

Glenn brought up some “cadets” that he saw trailing Andrews at a recent Virginia Tech game in Blacksburg. And out of that we learned that it is now mandatory for Andrews to have sideline protection during games (think Holly Rowe has this problem?). 

Erin Andrews fullbody

Andrews: “People on the sidelines, they think you’re there to just watch the game and chill. And it really harms me to have a conversation (with fans) on the field because I’m trying to listen to what the coaches are saying to the team, what the players are saying to each other.

You know those guys (cadets at Lane Stadium) where there so when people ask for photos or autographs … that’s the last thing I want the cameras to get a shot of me doing. Signing an autograph in the middle of a 4th and 1. So I kinda have those guys (bodyguards) say, ‘you know what, she’s kind of working right now,’ because I don’t want to sound like a brat and say, ‘no I can’t do this.’

Erin Andrews Kung Fu Grip

(Don’t mess with Erin - she’s got a mighty kung-fu grip!)

I think it’s safe to say that Erin Andrews gets more photo and autograph requests than all other ESPN personalities combined. OK, maybe besides John Buccigross.

After hearing that convo with Glenn, the more I realize now that she absolutely should stay in sports reporting (and not jump to Hollywood). She’s going to continue to get bigger and bigger in sports, with more money-making opps in the future. Whereas if she moved over to a cheesy entertainment gig, she’d be just another pretty face next to a hydroxycutted-out Mario Lopez.

Erin Andrews Skin-Tight Pants Photos

She’s got it made at ESPN, it will never get any better for her. Hope Andrews’ agent realizes that!