Blog-O-Rama: Erin Andrews Gives Hairstyle Advice

AWFUL ANNOUNCING teases us with Erin Andrews giving hairstyling tips to Purdue players - and asking Steve Lavin to donate some of his Crisco.

Steve Lavin Erin Andrews

BUGS & CRANKS fills in the blanks, as they play the spring training edition of Mad Libs.

ON 205TH throws us word that Derek Jeter struck out with Sienna Miller.

WITH LEATHER pulls up some more fun with the Sacramento Kings dancers.

Sacramento Kings dancers pull up g-strings

EPIC CARNIVAL knows what Kelvin Sampson story wouldn’t be complete without the thoughts(?) of Jenn Sterger.

HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS is glad former ECW mastermind Paul Heyman found some work.

Speaking of wrestling, CONSTRUDA offers this S.A.B. - Vince McMahon offspring Shane & Purdue coach Matt Painter.

Shane McMahon Purdue coach Matt Painter

The Phoenix Coyotes spend a day with S.W.A.T.

WAGGLE ROOM wonders when will they put the “World” back into “World Golf Championships“.