It’s Here! The Erin Andrews ‘Blog Show’ Interview!

After days & days of waiting & teasing, the improbable has finally happened - Erin Andrews actually talks to some bloggers!

Erin Andrews Blog Show Guys

(Erin is speechless to be in the presence of the “Blog Show” boys)

MR. IRRELEVANT has the details & the video, as the blogosphere’s most stalked admired sports reporter sits down with MR. I’s Jamie Mottran and DC SPORTS BOG’s Dan Steinberg for a good ol’ Comcast confab.

So, how’d the chat go down? See for yourself the jump.

First, Mottram sets up the scene of the special summit with Erin, who happened to be in D.C. to cover the National Spelling Bee finals:

We met in the hotel lobby, made small talk, did the interview and took goofy photos all in just 30 minutes, so it’s kind of hard to say, though she was surprisingly gracious, jocular and unguarded. And while she’s even prettier in-person than on TV, it’s not in a sexpot kind of way. She seems more like a best girl friend than your best friend’s girl, so to speak.

Sounds like someone’s smitten with the sideline siren.

Anyway, let’s go to the clip:

Some of the show’s highlights:

• Erin starts off by saying she’s “not good on this side” - either referring to her role as the interviewee, or her being on the left side of the screen.

• She explains how it’s gotten a bit more difficult to cover games, especially college contests, because of her online fame (even mentioning to Jamie & Dan, “Because of you guys“).

• At one point, Erin scratched her nose, and then quickly joked that pics would be immediately popping up all over the Internet with headlines screaming “Erin Andrews Picks Her Nose!

Erin Andrews picks no scratches her nose

Now, why would she ever think that?

• Erin also touches on the Bruce Pearl halftime hug, explaining that her reaction to the Tennessee coach’s squeeze “wasn’t ’cause I was annoyed at him, I made it ’cause I was just like I did when I scratched my nose, ‘Oh My God, here we go, it’s gonna be all over the Internet.’ And it was!

• And Dan ended up posing the most important question of the interview: Will Erin ever start her own personal blog?

“I’ve definitely been asked about it. I don’t feel like people will visit it. I think that’s the one thing I’m worried about. I just feel like people … you know, when is enough enough? I just feel like people are gonna get so tired of me, and they’re gonna wait for somebody else to come along, and I think that’s my biggest fear. It’s like throwing a huge party - are people really gonna come? I just don’t know if people will come.”

She don’t know the Internet very well, do she?

Overall, it was a pretty entertaining interview. Erin was very comfortable chatting in her own charming way - even if Jamie & Dan may have come off as just a tiny bit nervous. (Not that we can blame them - although it could explain why both guys were sitting with their legs wide open.)

But anyway, kudos to Blog Show for such an enthralling episode!